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Ball Attack

Ball Attack is an arkanoid / breakout style game that merges the best features of its classic
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17 May 2010

Editor's review

The famous Arkanoid has been given a fresh and new look in Ball Attack.
Your favorite game comes to you with even more fun and excitement in this new way where the original game is merged with new twists, fresh ideas and unique effects. In this game you have to make your way through the brick arrays by destroying obstacles with the weapons provided. The game features of more than 180 levels and different types of common and special bricks. Each and every level is addictive and entertaining in its own ways; there are hundreds of bricks to be destroyed, in some levels you come across moving units. This game provides the player with a wide range of level-ups, hidden penalty items and mighty power-ups to destroy cluster of bricks. This game is enhanced with graphics, translucency effects, particle system, 25 power-ups, Special units, Moving units, Composite blocks, Level transformation and much more.
A sure entertainer to your whole family also features three game difficulty modes too.

Publisher's description

Ball Attack is an Arkanoid/Breakout style game. Original solutions give a new twist to the classic "ball-and-bricks" concept. A number of unique elements that never before appeared in such games give Ball Attack absolutely fresh look and feel. The Ball Attack concept can be described as follows: make your way through the brick arrays and have fun! In this game you always have objects to destroy and weapons to destroy them with. Impressive destruction of several hundred bricks within a couple of minutes is quite common here. On the Ball Attack levels you can come across several types of bricks: some of them are very common, but others may be very special. An individual brick is not so large, but there are hundreds of them on each level! Due to this the Ball Attack levels have very special appearance. On some levels you can come across moving units that make the levels livelier. The levels can transform and even rotate adding new challenge for the player. Ball Attack features a number of levels where the player must demonstrate not only his agility, but also the quick-wittedness. Ball Attack features a wide variety of power-ups, including absolutely unique ones. The player must avoid penalty items, mighty power-ups help him destroy large clusters of bricks and bonus weapons can turn the whole massive of bricks to dust in just a few seconds. Additionally, several types of special objects such as Bonus Generator add new gimmicks to the gameplay. The game features 16-bit graphics with translucency effects and particle system enabling vivid and impressive visual effects. The wide variety of game elements and thoroughly designed graphics give Ball Attack absolutely unique look and feel. Ball Attack can provide hours of fun to any action games admirer!
Ball Attack
Ball Attack
Version 1.28
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